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 The new Innovacelli (pronounced inno-va-chelly) or just Inno for short, is the latest development in true pressure, pure physics barometers. Developed especially for hospitals and laboratories, these barometers contain no hazardous mercury and are just as accurate as the best mercury barometer.  We think they are even more accurate as they require no offsets or calculations that can lead to errors.  Also, the Inno’s scale is 4 times larger than a mercury barometer, allowing for a more precise reading of the actual altitude specific air pressure.

 Mercury spills from broken barometers have cost thousands of dollars to cleanup.  A mercury spill at a high school cost over $600,000 and several weeks to decontaminate.    Many facilities spend precious resources monitoring and training for a mercury spill.   In a typical hospital, mercury barometers can often be found in oncology and pulmonary departments as well as sleep and pain labs.  Time for those mercury barometers to go and the Innovacelli Barometer is the perfect replacement.  Even if your facility currently does not have a mercury barometer, the digital or mechanical barometers also have their own problems.  The expense of recalibrating digital barometers every year to ensure their accuracy can be burdensome.  Mechanical barometers can become fouled and require a tapping of the glass to get the needle to move.

The Inno works by the use of eight pressure chambers found at the bottom of the barometer.  These very accurate chambers sense the smallest pressure change and convert that change frictionlessly to the liquid readout scale.  Each scale is made especially for each location so that the average pressure at your location is at the center of the scale.  When you purchase an Inno, we ask for the altitude where it will be used.  We then create the scale for that altitude.  If we were to have the entire pressure scale on the Inno, it would be over 49 inches long - but only a third of that would be used at any altitude.  So we reduced the size of the scale by only using the range of scale necessary at your specific altitude.

The Innovacelli Precision Barometer is 31 inches in length, 4.25 inches in diameter, with a scale that is 17 inches long.  When mounted in its bracket, it stands 6.5 inches from the wall.  The scale reads in millimeters and hectopascals/millibars.

  The Innovacelli is in a similar price range as that of a precision mercury barometer.  
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  • Mercury-Free 
  • Reads absolute pressure at any altitude
  • NIST/BALAC Traceable calibration
  • Expanded scale for easy, accurate readings
  • Simple to use - no offsets or calculations
  • Developed for hospital./lab use
  • Sturdy acrylic protective frame
  • Adjustable mounting plate for plum/leveling
  • No batteries or mechanical gears - just physics
  • Hospital tested in major US and Canadian cancer centers
  • Made in Belgium specifically for your location

Innovacelli Precision Barometer

Currently being used in facilities in these cities

Boston, MA

New York, NY (2)

Orlando, FL

​Grand Island, NE

​Birmingham, AL

​Calgary, AB (2)

​Billings, MT (2)

​Pine Bluff, AR

Sherbrooke, QC

​Helena, MT

East Orange, NJ

​Maplewood, MN

​Kennesaw, GA

Phoenix, AZ

​Braselton, GA