Model BTH086.582KE

Cherry & Stainless

All of our Weather Stations contain three instruments:  Barometer, Thermometer and Hygrometer.  The styling ranges from traditional wood frames to modern stainless steel on glass frames.

For more than fourteen years, Allivan Barometers has been the importer and distributor of Dingens Barometers of Belgium.  Managed by meteorologist Russ Christie, Allivan only selects the barometers that best suit the American and Canadian markets.  None of the barometers sold by Allivan contain any mercury.  The products range from full size precision barometers to decorative home weather stations, all unique and all guaranteed to please. Click on any button below to view details on our offerings.

Model BTH086.639

Frosted Glass w/ Designs

​​​Allivan Barometers

We offer several versions of the tendency barometer.  These barometers are scientific instruments not decorations.  Because they are so beautiful, folks think they are for looks only.  A tendency barometer actually shows you the local weather forecast by monitoring the changes in atmospheric pressure.  Click on any button below to learn more about these fascinating instruments.

Model BTH084.523AC

Wood - Dark Stain

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The IN720 Innovacelli Barometer is our top-of-the-line precision barometer.  It reads altitude specific air pressure and is hand made for each altitude where it will be located.  Designed for use by professionals who require accuracy and dependability.  Completely mercury free.

All Non-Mercury



Frosted Glass

The E038 Eco-celli Barometer was designed to replace mercury barometers used is schools: middle/high schools & colleges/universities.  It measures sea level corrected air pressure in millimeters and inches.  

Model BTH085.572

Glass & Stainless

A053 Deluxw Tendency Barometer.

School Barometer

Model BTH086.640

Steel & Glass with Floating Instruments

Weather Stations

Tendency Barometers

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Model 086.523BL

Wood - Natural

A069 Ships Hull Tendency Barometer

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